Sustainability strategy. We go BEYOND.

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Sustainability strategy


Our vision guides our actions. It is the cornerstone for the implementation of our strategy as activity. We have declared it our highest goal to create a world in which resources are used in the best way possible – for shared success and a sustainable future. And our approach goes beyond the internationally recognized ESG criteria (environmental, social, governance). To these, we have added points that are of central importance to us and the success of our business – and we set our goals more ambitiously than the applicable regulatory context demands. Whereas the objectives of the Paris Agreement call for climate neutrality by 2050, we want to achieve this goal a full 20 years earlier.

Climate-neutral operations by 2030

Climate neutrality by 2030 encompasses all CO2e emissions that we cause ourselves (Scope 1 and 2). This means that we must reduce the amounts of energy we require without this constraining our operations. We must replace components in order to fully utilize energy saving potentials. And we must remove components that are incompatible with our goal of climate neutrality. However, this does not eliminate all emissions. One example is our truck fleet in North America, which we intend to convert to electric drive. Their implementation depends on external factors: These include sufficient numbers of suitable trucks and an adequate nationwide charging infrastructure, neither of which is expected to be available by 2030. We only offset such unavoidable emissions.

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Our commitment: Clean, Good, Green

Our approach: Flight Levels 1 to 3

Pursuing our BEYOND strategy involves a profound process of transformation across our organization and along our internal and external value chains. All of this is set to happen in an environment that will undergo very dynamic change in the coming years. We are therefore working with an agile approach, our Flight Level system. This allows us to use operative measures to transparently illustrate our strategic goals to the full range of participants throughout the company, and to direct the realization of these objectives. The agile work methodology helps us respond quickly to new legislation, disruptive market and environmental conditions, and internal changes. Bringing about this transformation depends on all of us, and our Flight Level system integrates everyone. Participation and transparency form the basis for a broad commitment.

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