Stakeholder dialogue – Shaping our trade together

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Stakeholder dialogue

Shaping our trade together

In order to shape the future of materials trading with foresight, we take into account the interests of all who are affected by our actions. Only when we know what our stakeholders expect of us and what motivates them can we find solutions that satisfy all involved. We therefore maintain a regular dialogue with various groups. In doing so, we seek to do justice above all to our most important “stakeholder”: our planet, with its nature, climate, and resources.

Stakeholder group


  • Fulfill legal obligations and expectations

  • Show stance

  • Perception as responsible market participant

  • Ensure future viability of business model

  • Tell consistent story 

  • Perception as attractive business partner

Forms of dialogue

  • Trade fair attendance 

  • Personal conversations 

  • Trade fair appearances

  • Annual meetings with field sales, sales manager, and in certain cases management

  • Surveys

  • Sales pitches

  • Consultation