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BEYOND – Thinking sustainability further

Sustainability is one of the biggest challenges of our time. It is about creating a tomorrow worth living for future generations. As the biggest materials distribution and service provider in the western world with around 400 locations in 40 countries, we too have a responsibility – a responsibility we are aware of. At Materials Services we are therefore working systematically and consistently towards a sustainable future.

We will achieve a crucial goal for this 20 years ahead of schedule: As an organization, we will operate climate neutrally from 2030.

We have firmly anchored sustainability in our corporate strategy: in the Strategy House Vision.

In our approach, we take into account the environmental, social and economic aspects that comply with internationally recognized ESG criteria. But we go beyond this. With BEYOND, we have created an approach that supplements the guidelines with points that are of central importance to us and the success of our business. Our ourstanding:

Sustainabilty Manifesto (c) thyssenkrupp Materials Services

Our understanding of sustainability

Sustainability has various aspects at Materials Services. What these are, what adjustments we are making and what market opportunities we are using to bring about change:

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We will already be operating climate neutrally worldwide from 2030 – around 20 years earlier than originally specified. With this decision we are taking responsibility in the fight against climate change and making clear our claim to leadership in the industry. After all, as the largest mill-independent materials distribution and service provider in the Western world, we can make an impact in over 40 countries around the world.

Martin Stillger
Chairman of the Executive Board of Materials Services

Beyond clean: Our CO2 roadmap

At Materials Services sustainability is firmly anchored in our corporate vision. We have set ourselves a clear time frame for our path to climate neutrality and defined measures which we are systematically pursuing:

Roadmap thyssenkrupp Materials Services (c) thyssenkrupp Materials Services

Beyond good: Levers for more sustainability

With 400 locations in around 40 countries, Materials Services has many opportunities to drive sustainability forward. This applies to every business area, all locations worldwide and every single employee. In the areas of production, processing, warehousing and logistics, ongoing digitalization is enabling processes to be optimized. In addition, Materials Services promotes diversity and responsible action. This includes clearly defined targets for greater gender equality, the associated increase in the proportion of women in management positions, and greater social commitment.

Cooperation with customers

Beyond green: Sustainable solutions for customers

In addition to its own goal of becoming climate-neutral as an organization from 2030, Materials Services will also support its customers in this challenge. Various levers will be used to achieve this. Firstly, thyssenkrupp Materials Services will increasingly offer CO2-reduced products in the future: The first batches of C02-reduced steel are already available to customers. Secondly, the portfolio includes services to make customers' supply chains sustainable, such as solutions to reduce greenhouse gases or recycle products.

We are working on many sustainable solutions, here you can see a few examples:

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