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Find out everything about Materials Services' sustainability initiative.
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Site in El Puig is to be climate-neutral as early as 2023.Successful in the use of renewable energies

thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe in El Puig
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Latest press releases


$37 million investment in Mexico: thyssenkrupp Materials Services continues growth in North America

  • New site specially geared to key future issues of the automotive industry: Sustainability and electro-mobility – exclusive service offering to meet the need for lighter vehicles

  • Expansion of leading market position in aluminium and steel service centers in Mexico

  • thyssenkrupp Materials Services with total investment volume of more than $100 million in the North American market in the last 12 months

thyssenkrupp Materials Services is continuing its expansion in North America and is planning a new site for the Materials de Mexico division in San Luis Potosí. In the central Mexican city, the company is investing around $37 million in a service center that will support the future viability of the automotive supply industry, which is growing strongly in this region. The new site will create jobs for around 65 employees. With this step, the biggest mill-independent materials distributor and service provider in the Western world is strengthening its leading position in the North American market and further aligning its service business to evolving customer needs. "The needs and requirements of the industry are changing rapidly," says Martin Stillger, CEO of thyssenkrupp Materials Services. "Against the background of the major transformation themes of electro-mobility, sustainability and supply chain resilience, Mexico is a clear growth market for us. Here we can support customers with our Materials as a Service strategy precisely in these key areas." In total, thyssenkrupp Materials Services has invested around $102 million in the North American market in the last 12 months.

Exclusive service offering to meet the need for lighter vehicles

The centerpiece of the new location is a Schuler blanking line used to cut aluminium and high strength steel blanks for the automotive industry. Due to its low weight, aluminium helps to reduce emissions and is often used prominently in electric vehicles. The automotive industry is responding to increasing demand brought on by the faster transition to electric mobility and stricter emission standards planned by the US government. For the Mexican suppliers, the USA is by far the biggest sales market – around 80 percent of sales are generated in this region. Secretary of Economic Development Juan Carlos Valladares Eichelmann explains: “San Luis Potosí will be a key geographical site for this international company to reach the State, due to the enormous advantages of its infrastructure and its industrial vocation.”


thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe focuses on digitalization and sustainability: Concept presented at innovation forum in Essen

The advantage of new types of digital services lies not only in efficiency and speed. They often also contribute to considerable resource conservation, made possible by automation, improved data or even forward planning. For example, in addition to edi offers and its customer portal "mpe connect", the processing specialist thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe has also developed the digital service "mpe control tower" for its customers.

The complete mpe control tower package is a solution for improved coordination throughout the supply chain. At its core is a data dashboard that gives its customers an overview of the entire supply chain in terms of compliance with delivery deadlines, quality monitoring, acceptance behavior and forecasting of the various plants and suppliers. In the event of disruptions in the supply chain, the transparency enables the company to react at an early stage and provide alternatives. Improved planning of inventories and logistics can thus contribute to far-reaching CO2 reductions in the supply chain.


thyssenkrupp Aerospace and Saab sign renewal of their partnership

thyssenkrupp Aerospace and Saab today announced that they will prolong their partnership. Under the new agreement, the company will become the materials supplier for Saab’s subcontractors all over the world. The aerospace and supply chain experts will take care of the warehousing and quality inspection activities for the Swedish aircraft manufacturer. 

thyssenkrupp Aerospace, a thyssenkrupp Materials Services company, has been supporting Saab with the supply of raw materials since 2008. As part of the new contract, thyssenkrupp Aerospace will additionally take care of all warehousing and quality inspection activities for Saab, as well as their global subcontractors. With their global presence and relationships with leading materials producers, thyssenkrupp Aerospace will be the quality gate for the partners of Saab all over the world. 

Petri Laaksonen, Managing Director of thyssenkrupp Aerospace Finland comments: ”The renewed partnership with Saab is yet another example of our strategy “Materials as a Service”. Since the beginning of our relationship, we have continuously increased our service scope and are proud that we have been able to gain the trust of Saab. I am delighted that we could again prove that our supply chain expertise adds great value for our customers.” 

With precise planning, and near net shape production of parts with waterjet cutting, thyssenkrupp Aerospace improves sustainability and costs for their customer. Smart transportation routes and streamlined logistics lead to further savings in CO2, as in line with the sustainability strategy of both thyssenkrupp Materials Services and Saab. 

thyssenkrupp Aerospace is a leading global company that delivers supply chain solutions for the aerospace industry. The company’s network spans more than 40 sites in over 20 countries and its over 3,500 customers include the world’s biggest aerospace manufacturers and their suppliers. thyssenkrupp Aerospace offers supply chain management as well as a wide range of supply chain and manufacturing services. These include procurement of raw materials, warehousing, precision processing, third-party logistics, and just-in-time delivery. 


From transparency to life cycle assessment to offsetting: thyssenkrupp Schulte offers sustainable solutions for parts and components


  • greenability offering supports companies on the way to a transparent supply chain

  • TÜV-certified analysis and calculation of the carbon footprint of "cradle to gate plus end of life"

  • Parts and components available in future with climate-neutral label on request 

For companies, making their supply chain transparent and providing the carbon footprint of their products is becoming an increasingly important competitive advantage. In tenders, for example, information on the life cycle assessment can be a decisive criterion for awarding contracts. To support customers on their way to greater sustainability, thyssenkrupp Schulte has developed two new solutions under the name "greenability". 

Full transparency on CO2 footprint

Many companies face major challenges in determining their carbon footprint, which is a complex and time-consuming process. This is where thyssenkrupp Schulte comes in with its new greenability offering. "We want to support our customers in achieving their climate targets and take a leading role in the industry here," says Detlef Schotten, CEO of thyssenkrupp Schulte. For a small additional fee, the "greenability carbon tracking" variant gives customers full transparency on the carbon footprint of their purchased finished or semi-finished parts and components. In the so-called "cradle to gate plus end of life" approach, both the procurement process and the entire supply chain are examined and the data collected is supplemented in a TÜV-certified process with information from licensed databases. 

Compensation of the CO2 footprint

Customers who want to go one step further choose the "greenability carbon compensation" option. Here, the calculated CO2 footprint is compensated. For this purpose, the customer selects an independently verified compensation project in which the sum of the consumed CO2 value is invested. The parts and components may subsequently be designated as "climate neutral" and bear the corresponding greenability label. The greenability offer from thyssenkrupp Schulte is a further step on the way to a sustainable materials and services business. "Whether in production, processing, sales, warehousing or logistics, we think along the entire value chain and address the challenges and wishes of our customers," says Julia Eschenbruch, Head of Supply Chain and Processing Services at thyssenkrupp Schulte. 

thyssenkrupp Schulte GmbH, headquartered in Essen, is part of thyssenkrupp Materials Services and the leading materials distributor and service provider for steel, stainless steel and nonferrous metals in Germany. Through a network of over 40 locations, customers from various manufacturing sectors including industry, the skilled trades and construction are served. The portfolio ranges from a broad product assortment of flat products, profiles and tubes to expert technical advice and a comprehensive range of services along the value chain.


Sustainable housebuilding: thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe supplies profile manufacturer Gebhardt-Stahl with CO2-reduced bluemint steel

  • Processing specialist launches new product carbon footprint calculator for the first time on the market

  • Full transparency on CO2e footprint from production to delivery 

House construction has great potential to protect the climate. According to UN estimates, the construction and building sector causes 38% of global CO2 emissions. In addition to the use of energy, the choice of materials plays a key role. This is exactly where the Gebhardt-Stahl company comes in: The expert for steel profiles from Werl relies on the expertise of thyssenkrupp - and has thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe supply it with customized, CO2e-reduced slit strip. In addition, thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe calculates the exact CO2e footprint of the material from production to delivery for its customer. 

The bluemint® recycled starting material from thyssenkrupp Steel Europe is of particular importance in this project: Thanks to modified input materials, the product can show a reduction in CO2e emissions of over 60%. In addition, the steel is characterized by a high recycled content. The reduced value of the starting material's CO2 emissions as a result of the more environmentally friendly production is incorporated in the model for calculating the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) at thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe, which is unique on the market to date. 


thyssenkrupp Aerospace and AMAG extend their cooperation

  • AMAG signs six-month contract with thyssenkrupp Aerospace

  • Cooperation has existed since the beginning of AMAG's aviation history

  • thyssenkrupp Aerospace appreciates high recycled content in aluminum 

The partnership between AMAG Austria Metall AG and thyssenkrupp Aerospace has existed since the very beginning of AMAG's aviation history. The strong cooperation has now been extended for a further six months in the coming year with the signing of a new supply contract. thyssenkrupp Aerospace has thereby secured the procurement of premium aluminum for the coming year through AMAG. 

Patrick Marous, CEO of thyssenkrupp Aerospace, states: "We are very pleased to have been able to conclude this contract as part of our long-term, strategic partnership with AMAG. In the current volatile market environment, it is our common goal to support our customers as a reliable partner. Long-term material supply is therefore an important part of our Materials as a Service strategy." 

"Once again, the respectful way in which we have dealt with each other during the pandemic has proven that long-term perspectives are at the forefront of our partnership with thyssenkrupp Aerospace. We are all the more pleased to be able to contribute to the upturn in the aviation industry with the conclusion of this agreement," said Victor Breguncci, AMAG Austria Metall AG's Chief Sales Officer. 

AMAG's aluminium, which is supplied in the form of sheets and plates to thyssenkrupp Aerospace, a subsidiary of thyssenkrupp Materials Services, and its locations in 22 countries, is used for the further production of almost all aerospace segments, such as outer shells, seats and structural parts for Boeing and Airbus, among others. 

AMAG is the specialist for established aerospace materials and customized solutions for customer specific applications. AMAG products stand out due to their high scrap input ratio and the associated extremely low CO2 emissions. 

About AMAG Group

AMAG is a leading Austrian premium supplier of high-quality cast and rolled aluminum products used in a wide range of industries, including the aircraft, automotive, sporting goods, lighting, mechanical engineering, construction, and packaging industries. The Canadian smelting company Alouette, in which AMAG holds a 20 percent stake, produces high-quality primary aluminum with an exemplary life cycle assessment. The AMAG components division, headquartered in Übersee am Chiemsee, combines expertise and many years of experience in the production of ready-to-install metal parts for the aerospace industry.