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Going beyond

Materials Services will operate on a climate neutral basis worldwide as early as 2030.
Going beyond

Strategic investments in growth market North America

Strategic investments (c) thyssenkrupp Materials Services
Strategic investments in growth market North America

New in our StoriesMaximum control in complex systems

Digital Supply Chains
Maximum control in complex systems

Calculating CO2e footprint for the entire supply chain

Calculating CO2e footprint (c) thyssenkrupp Materials Services
Calculating CO2e footprint for the entire supply chain

Latest press releases


thyssenkrupp Plastics creates product package for advertising technicians

The plastics specialists at thyssenkrupp Plastics have developed a product package aimed primarily at the small-scale needs of customers in the advertising technology sector. As a result of the Corona crisis, the signage and printing industry experienced a difficult time: postponements or cancellations of events, trade shows and campaigns led to a rapid decline in market demand for large-format printed products. The industry responded with flexibility as well as creativity and focused on the lucrative short-run market. thyssenkrupp Plastics has been marketing digital printing films since October 2021, which are widely used in the advertising technology and trade show and furniture construction sectors in particular. To enable customers to obtain everything from a single source, the digital printing films are also available in a bundle with plate, film and protective laminate. 

Nicolas Neuwirth, Chairman of the Management Board of thyssenkrupp Plastics GmbH: "As a service-oriented partner, we at thyssenkrupp Plastics are working to offer small and medium-sized companies in particular a wide range with individual conditions and high-quality products from a single source. We want to convince them that we are not only a reliable partner to the industry, but that smaller businesses also experience excellent service from us." 

Partner for every size and run

With this package, thyssenkrupp Plastics offers high-quality and also sustainable plastic products for projects of any size and quantity. In this way, the company meets the needs of customers in the advertising technology sector for the best possible implementation of creative ideas and demanding projects. Digital printing films can be used in a variety of ways and are therefore the ideal advertising medium for trade show construction, car wrapping, advertising design, glass decoration, window films for advertising campaigns and as privacy screens, for application tapes or even illuminated advertising systems.

The product package contains a diverse range of sheets and films including protective laminate. For quick and convenient quality testing, customers can order samples through the website: 

"Our service includes excellent products and on-time delivery. We also provide our customers with comprehensive advice and are available to answer questions. Our experts develop custom-fit system solutions for specific needs. Customers thus receive individual support on site through to complete project support," says Thomas Bekel, Segment Manager for Visual Communication. "That's what we mean by good partnership."

thyssenkrupp Plastics GmbH, headquartered in Essen, is a nationwide service provider for product and application advice, processing, procurement and supply. The portfolio of over 40,000 plastics products of renowned brands comes exclusively from well-known, internationally active producers who are among the technology and market leaders in their respective product areas. Our product range is geared to the specific requirements of customers in the fields of building construction, industry and visual communication/advertising.


One year after groundbreaking: Jacob Bek GmbH opens new production hall

On June 24, 2022, Jacob Bek GmbH opened its new production hall with multi-strip cut-to-length line. The inauguration, which took place as scheduled twelve months after the groundbreaking ceremony for the production expansion, was celebrated at a festive event with around 200 guests. Customers and employees of Jacob Bek GmbH as well as company representatives of the various construction trades involved in the project were invited. In addition to the Managing Directors of Jacob Bek, Robert Seeberger and Peter Zarth, and minority shareholder Ulrich Müller, other participants from thyssenkrupp were also present: including Martin Stillger and Daniel Wodera CEO and CFO of thyssenkrupp Materials Services, Detlef Schotten, CEO of thyssenkrupp Schulte and Chairman of the Advisory Board of Jacob Bek, and Thorsten Struckmann, Member of the Advisory Board of Jacob Bek. The project participants from the construction company Goldbeck and plant manufacturer Salico and Titan were also on site as well as a large number of customer representatives. 

Powerful plant for more capacity

The new production hall with multi-strip cut-to-length line in the Donautal industrial park is intended to strengthen the company's core business – customized cut-to-length of blanks and sheets – in the future. Managing Director Robert Seeberger says: "We are very pleased that the new hall has been completed on schedule. The increased capacity will enable us to better serve the high qualitative demands of our customers and further expand our service capabilities." The new facility will allow the company to handle up to 60,000 more tons of material in a year. Ring weights of up to 30 tons can be processed. Packaging of the material is fully automated. By expanding its range of services, Jacob Bek GmbH is following the "Materials as a Service" strategy of thyssenkrupp Materials Services. 

Sustainable aspects in focus of the new building

The production hall has an area of around 2,500 m2 and is equipped with two modern crane systems with a lifting capacity of up to 32 tons. The sustainable aspect was the focus of the new building: In addition to electric forklifts, there are also parking spaces for e-cars as well as charging stations for e-bikes. Furthermore, the building is tempered by a heat pump heating system. With these measures, Jacob Bek is contributing to supporting thyssenkrupp Materials Services' goal of climate neutrality from 2030. 

Inauguration ceremony with special program

At the inauguration ceremony, guests were able to get a first impression of the new hall as well as the plant. The symbolic highlight was the cutting of a ribbon marking the starting point for production in the new hall building. In addition, the participants could look forward to a special evening with live music, a speech by extreme mountaineer Benedikt Böhm and a joint dinner. One day later, employees also had the opportunity to view the new capacities at their site at a large family celebration with 340 visitors. 

Jacob Bek GmbH has been a reliable partner for industry and the skilled trades for over 190 years, enabling customers to concentrate on their core business. The company is an affiliate of thyssenkrupp Materials Services and part of thyssenkrupp Schulte – the materials partner for steel, stainless steel and nonferrous metals in Germany.


thyssenkrupp Materials Services calculates CO2e footprint for the entire supply chain

Knowing exactly how big a product's CO2e footprint is along the entire supply chain is one of the major challenges companies face when it comes to reducing emissions. As the largest mill-independent materials distributor and service provider in the Western world, thyssenkrupp Materials Services has now developed a calculation model that is unique on the market to date aimed at creating precisely this transparency for its entire product portfolio and its customers: The Product Carbon Footprint – PCF for short – calculator calculates the exact CO2e emissions for each product from production to delivery. "The Product Carbon Footprint Calculator is an important milestone on the way to achieving our own climate targets, but also those of our customers,” says Martin Stillger, CEO of thyssenkrupp Materials Services.

Product Carbon Footprint - individual calculation according to recognized standards

The complex calculation of the Product Carbon Footprint incorporates specific data on warehouse locations, delivery and shipment, as well as all supplier and material data. This means that all data along the entire supply chain up to the customer, the so-called "cradle to gate" approach, is taken into account. In accordance with the requirements of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol - the globally recognized standard for measuring greenhouse gas emissions - this data is allocated to the individual order items at thyssenkrupp Materials Services. This allocation is based on the one hand on the extensive process and material knowledge of thyssenkrupp Materials Services and on the other on the support of external experts in assessing the corresponding greenhouse gas effects. In this way it is possible for each item to transparently show all steps from production, delivery, storage and processing to delivery to the customer in terms of greenhouse gas impact.

Frank Thelen, Head of Governance and Procurement at thyssenkrupp Materials Services and largely involved in the development of the model: “With the data from the calculations, our customers have exact baseline data for their own PCF calculations. On this basis, we can advise our customers so that, for example, products from other manufacturing processes with lower CO2e values can be used in the future. In this way we make an important contribution to the climate neutrality of our customers' products." thyssenkrupp Materials Services' calculation model has been certified by the international classification society DNV.

Green Steel - less CO2e through renewable energies and intelligent recycling

One of the steel grades in the thyssenkrupp Materials Services product portfolio that customers can use to reduce their Scope 3 emissions will be "green steel" from the Swiss Steel Group from 2023 - the green forged and rolled bright and bar steel is used by thyssenkrupp Aerospace, among others, to build aircraft parts. The manufacturing process for this material is particularly environmentally friendly, with emissions 80 to 95 percent below the industry average.

 "Even if it is not yet possible to produce steel in a climate-neutral way, a reduction of 10 or 20 percent is already an important step, particularly for this very CO2e-intensive material," says Frank Thelen. "With the new transparency across our entire supply chain, we can now work with our partners to make it as climate-friendly as possible in the future."


thyssenkrupp Aerospace and Swiss Steel Group forge green plans

When an aircraft takes to the skies in the future, it's quite possible that "green steel" from the Swiss Steel Group will be part of it. Because from next year the Swiss Steel Group will supply only green steel to
thyssenkrupp Aerospace, a supplier to the world's leading aerospace companies and a thyssenkrupp Materials Services company. From 2023 the Swiss Steel Group will supply thyssenkrupp Aerospace with green forged and rolled bright and bar steel. The production process for this material is particularly environmentally friendly, with emissions 80 to 95 percent below the industry average. 

As well as aiming to make its own operations climate-neutral from 2030, thyssenkrupp Materials Services also supports its customers in decarbonizing their supply chains. Green products and services are essential and support the ambition of the largest mill-independent materials distributor and service provider in the western world to also become an industry leader in sustainability. Patrick Marous, CEO of thyssenkrupp Aerospace: "We are seeing an increasing demand for CO2-reduced materials from our customers. The aerospace industry in particular is heavily involved in the topic. We are therefore pleased to be able to serve this need together with a long-standing partner." 

Commenting on this green collaboration, Frank Koch, CEO of the Swiss Steel Group, said: "This agreement is another highlight in our previous collaboration with the thyssenkrupp Group. We have known and appreciated each other for years and are looking forward to a common "Green Future"! 

The intention of both partners is to further expand the relationship and include other business areas where appropriate. 

As one of the world's leading service providers in the market for raw materials, processing services and the management of complex supply chains, thyssenkrupp Aerospace supplies the required materials just-in-time, cut and machined exactly to customer specifications. The aim is for customers to be able to concentrate fully on their core business. The company has a global network of 21 countries.


thyssenkrupp Schulte: Finding the right customer solution with just a few clicks

Germany's leading materials distributor has developed the Supplier Network Tool, a web-based database which enables its employees to connect with processing providers and request services with just a few clicks. The database provides direct access to a comprehensive cross-border supplier network with an ever-expanding portfolio of services. As a result, customer requests can be processed and implemented more quickly and in a more targeted manner.


The advantages of the Supplier Network Tool at a glance

In order to define its portfolio as precisely as possible, the service provider can choose from a selection of around 70 machining options. In this way, the Supplier Network Tool forms a universal platform for the employees of thyssenkrupp Schulte, with which a cross-border search for the right suppliers can be carried out throughout Europe. Continuous enhancement and management of the tool ensure that the information is up-to-date. In line with individual customer requirements, the search is precisely defined in the Supplier Network Tool and, in turn, the most optimal service provider for material processing is found. This not only significantly simplifies direct contact and negotiation, but also cross-supply chain cooperation.


"The tool forms a bridge between our customers and suppliers. Our business partners benefit from the fact that we have direct access to a comprehensive network of services. This enables us to process customer inquiries quickly but also accurately," says Sefa Dogansoy, Head of Supplier Network at thyssenkrupp Schulte. With the expansion of its service portfolio, thyssenkrupp Schulte is systematically pursuing its "Materials as a Service" strategy. Thanks to innovations such as the Supplier Network Tool, customers will be able to focus even better on their core competencies.


thyssenkrupp Schulte GmbH, headquartered in Essen, is part of thyssenkrupp Materials Services and the leading materials distributor and service provider for steel, stainless steel and nonferrous metals in Germany. A network of over 40 locations serves customers from a wide range of manufacturing sectors, including industry, the skilled trades and construction. The portfolio ranges from a broad product assortment of flat products, profiles and tubes to expert technical advice and a comprehensive range of services along the value chain.


thyssenkrupp Schulte invests in new high-rack storage system

thyssenkrupp Schulte has invested in a new high-rack storage system at its Radebeul site.

Since commissioning in February 2022, the new system has increased process efficiency in operations and paved the way for automated materials warehousing. In the future this will allow the loading sequence and warehouse handling to be optimized with the help of a system.


Efficient use of space creates growth opportunities

With dimensions of 21 meters high, 17 meters wide and 59 meters long, the high-rack offers many advantages for the eastern district of the materials trading experts. The efficient use of space creates additional storage capacity. In total, over 6,000 tons of long material can be stored in the 2,020 cassettes of the high-rack. This offers further growth potential: "The new high-rack storage system will enable us to further expand our business and optimally meet increasing customer requirements in the future," says Tobias Huppenthal Sales Manager in the Eastern District.


Contribution to CO2-reduction

The high-rack storage system supports the company-wide goal of CO2-savings in many aspects. Energy is recovered via dynamic energy storage systems during automated processes. The increased storage capacity for materials will also significantly reduce transports from other warehouses in the future, which will reduce CO2-emissions. These and other companywide measures are small but important steps towards achieving the goal of climate neutrality at thyssenkrupp Schulte by 2030.