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Production digitization with toii®

Automation, digital networking and the associated optimizations unleash completely new efficiency potentials in industry. Now digitization has a name: toii®.

toii® allows a wide range of machines and production equipment from different manufacturers to communicate with each other, ranging from calipers to manual band saws to multi-stage production systems. With toii®, Materials Services offers its customers a unique way into the age of industry 4.0.

Digitalization with toii

Make your production more efficient - by digitizing with toii®!

  • Optimize your machine utilization!
  • Automate entire production processes!
  • Bundle resources and optimize their use across the entire value chain!
  • Keep an eye on the status, progress and performance of production at all times and link production planning with actual production data!
  • Identify optimization potential in production processes for immediate implementation.
  • Avoid impending machine failures with predictive maintenance!

toii® is an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform - successfully used in the thyssenkrupp Group - that was specially developed for the use and optimization of industrial production. With toii® you get a solution that is individually tailored to your needs. Our digitization experts work closely with you - End2End - from consulting through implementation to ongoing operation.

This is toii®

Overview toii® modules

The individual modules of toii® take on many tasks in the digital factory, from data collection to machine control to visualization. In this way, versatile application possibilities can be handled.

Collects machine data - ranging from simple devices without programmable logic controllers (PLCs) or older machines with user-defined interfaces to modern, IoT-capable machines and robots.

With us as partner for your IIoT

The experts at thyssenkrupp Materials IoT GmbH combine 200 years of industrial expertise with 15 years of experience in the digital networking of machines and processes. Materials Services, the Western world's largest supplier of raw materials and materials, has been successful for the digital networking of all areas of the supply chain for many years - from ordering to enterprise resource planning to production.

Materials IoT is the specialist for your production needs. Its services range from initial consulting, implementation and provision of the platform to service during ongoing operations. Our IIoT specialists will work with you on a roadmap for your path to digital manufacturing!

Join thyssenkrupp Materials Services on a journey into the age of industry 4.0!