Products and Solutions Jan 23, 2014 11:00 PM

New PLEXIGLAS® multiwall sheets

New PLEXIGLAS® multiwall sheets with double rib spacing of 64 millimeters offer a clear view as far as the eye can see. They will be available from ThyssenKrupp Plastics from February 2014.

With the wider rib spacing the sheets make an immediate visible difference. Their glass-like transparency makes them an attractive solution for patios, balconies, conservatories and carports. With the proven strength and stability of PLEXIGLAS® the roofing material can handle everything the weather throws at it. In addition the sheets have natural UV protection to ensure long-term clarity.

The sheets are also simple to install. They are lighter than glass yet much stronger. They resist extreme weather conditions with ease and keep roofing permanently free from algae and moss thanks to AAA anti-algae coating. With a 30-year manufacturer’s guarantee against yellowing and consistently high light transmission (clear version), PLEXIGLAS® is unique.

As well as selection and sourcing of the optimum material, ThyssenKrupp Plastics offers comprehensive advice. With 19 branches throughout Germany the company provides competent support with logistics and fabrication, including computer-aided precision cutting to size.