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Company News Mar 11, 2020 11:00 AM

Focus on resource-friendly industries: thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe supplies tailored supply chain solutions to the solar industry

Sustainability is a core component of thyssenkrupp’s corporate strategy. The diversified industrial group aims to offer innovative products, technologies and services worldwide that contribute to the sustainable success of its customers as well as climate protection. The solar industry, for example, is one of many other sectors that has special requirements when it comes to the organization of the value chain. thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe has identified these requirements and provides tailored supply chain services to manufacturers of industrial solar power systems used for sustainable electricity generation.

The processing specialists from thyssenkrupp Materials Services offer their customers material specifications specially configured for locations with particularly challenging weather conditions such as coastal regions. It is also very important to coordinate supplies with the relevant subcontractors, and to manage and monitor logistics.

Cooperation with the solar industry expanded

The best example of the cooperation with the solar industry is the company’s Spanish site El Puig. Since mid-2019 numerous project orders have been booked and supply volumes continuously expanded. The projects are for large-scale systems with photovoltaic elements around the world, with a particular focus on solutions for producing solar trackers which follow the position of the sun, making a significant contribution to sustainable energy generation and supporting climate protection. This year the steel and aluminum service center group is aiming to increase its sales in this sector by 30%.

thyssenkrupp’s climate strategy

Under its climate strategy, the thyssenkrupp Group aims to be climate-neutral by 2050, not only in its own processes and the energy it purchases but also based on its products’ emissions. As early as 2030 the Group plans to cut emissions from production and outsourced energy by around 30%. Emissions from the use of thyssenkrupp products are to fall by 16% by 2030.

Marcus Wöhl, CEO of thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe, says: “Our goal is to intensify collaboration with manufacturers of sustainable products and support sectors such as the solar industry with custom materials and tailored services.”

thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe offers the solar industry a range of services for optimizing their value chain: In addition to advice on material selection for profiles, the company organizes just-in-time deliveries and logistics to ensure problem-free transportation to fabricators and end customers. Here the company group benefits not least from its many years of experience in the profile industry and the development of Europe-wide logistics solutions.

As a leading steel and aluminum service center, thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe serves customers from the automotive, electrical, construction and furniture industries from thirteen locations in six countries. Backed by many years of expertise in procurement, consulting and prefabrication, the processing specialist supplies tailored services and digital solutions for flat steel and nonferrous metals to a wide range of customers throughout Europe.