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A question of mindset

To us compliance means more than just obeying rules and regulations. Compliance is a question of mindset: Reliability, honesty, credibility, and integrity are part of our DNA. We would rather sacrifice a contract than win it by breaking the rules.

A question of mindset

One goal – one program

Our compliance program is designed to identify potential risks at an early stage and if necessary initiate suitable countermeasures. Compliance officers around the world advise, educate, and inform employees about legal requirements. As a result compliance is a fixed component of every business process.

Our Compliance program

Strong together

Over 350 Comliance Manager worldwide

thyssenkrupp employs over 75 full-time compliance officers around the world, and they are supported at operating level by more than 350 compliance managers (generally the CEOs or managing directors of Group companies). Together they promote observance of our internal compliance policies and all relevant laws and form a point of contact for employees.

Our compliance organization

We follow a strategy

The aim of our “Compliance 2020” strategy is to embed compliance more extensively and sustainably throughout the Group. We continuously optimize our global training programs, actively integrate compliance into our business processes, and advance our program of targeted communications. And that’s not all.

Our compliance strategy