Laser cutting processing
Near and fast: rely on our closely networked regional and central warehouses
Warehousing and Logistics

Near and fast

As a successful and award-winning integrated logistics service provider, the companies of Materials Services stand for delivery reliability and innovative services.
Control of the process chain: modern supply chain management
Supply Chain Management

Like pearls on a rope

We understand the requirements in a globalized and timely business environment. That's why we offer management and IT solutions to your entire process chain.
From a single source: We take over the first processing step

Material according to your specifications

The diverse processing program at Materials Services offers additional service. According to customer specifications, we can tailor our products for you.

Over 480 branches: Trading next door

Because of its international sales network and around 380 branches in more than 30 countries, Materials Services is the premium partner for long-term success.
Extended Services
Extended Services

Tailor made services

As a long-standing partner of the aerospace industry and car manufacturers, Materials Services is well-versed in transferring complex requirements into tailor-made solutions.
Printed reality 3d printing
Additive Manufacturing

Printed reality

Metals and plastics which are made entirely for your demand for high-quality products – in an individually designed and in a single digital process.
Digitization with toii
Industrial Internet of Things

The digital platform toii

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform toii® was developed to efficiently network all technical devices in a factory.