Digital Transformation

As the lead company of the Materials Services business area we connect production and manufacturing - with materials, raw materials and services. With the digital transformation we strive for interconnectedness in daily business and collaboration. Because we solve our customer's challenges - so that they can concentrate even better on their core business.

Aways wherever you need us to be

Schon jetzt machen wir 1,3 Mrd. € Umsatz über digitale Kanäle. Wir betrachten die digitale Transformation ganzheitlich, von der Bestellung bis zur Auslieferung.

Dafür machen wir unser Sortiment und unsere Dienstleistungen `omni-fit´;. wir werden also zukünftig über jeden Kanal handeln: ob digital oder analog, über eigene wie externe. Aber immer genau dort, sie uns brauchen.

"Digitalization in materials distribution is not an option. Digitalization is essential to ensure we survive in the future in competition with new players."

Hans-Josef Hoß, COO of Materials Services and responsible for the digital strategy of the business area.

Flexible, tailored solutions

At the same time we want to respect and meet new and existing customer requirements. We offer our customers flexible and tailored solutions: from the complete integration of their data, an exact forecasting of their requirements, live monitoring of their deliveries and many other options. The optimizing of our customer’ benefit is the focus of our activities. The integration and collaboration with customers, partners & employees are key factors for success.

We embrace digitalization as a business strategy not just as an IT-strategy to not only meet but also exceed our customers' expectations.