19.03.2018 | Top | Dienstleistungen/Services

Supplier Award for thyssenkrupp Aerospace from Embraer

For over 20 years, thyssenkrupp Aerospace, a company of the Business Area Materials Services, and Embraer, one of the world's biggest aircraft manufacturers, have been working together. Now, for quality partnership and excellent service, the aerospace experts of the thyssenkrupp Group, have been presented with an award. The Brazilian subsidiary Autômata has earned from Embraer the Supplier of the Year Award in the Machine Technology category.


08.02.2018 | Werkstoffe/Materials

thyssenkrupp: LD slag from Duisburg conserves resources

Sustainability has a long tradition at thyssenkrupp and is, in fact, an integral part of the corporate strategy. The objective is to reconcile business success with ecological and social responsibility. In this context, thyssenkrupp MillServices & Systems GmbH, a company belonging to the Business Area Materials Services, commissioned the Fraunhofer Project Group for Materials Recycling and Resource Strategies (IWKS) to carry out an eco-balance study on the environmental impact of the possible uses of LD slag.


01.02.2018 | Top | Dienstleistungen/Services

Targeting emerging markets: thyssenkrupp Materials Services to open aerospace facility in Morocco

thyssenkrupp Materials Services is expanding its aerospace network: The global supply chain solutions experts are opening a sales and production site in Morocco.


29.11.2017 | Werkstoffe/Materials

thyssenkrupp expands cooperation with Osram

thyssenkrupp Plastics, a company of the Materials Services business area, is expanding its cooperation with Osram.


15.11.2017 | Top | Werkstoffe/Materials

thyssenkrupp receives Supplier Award

Top marks for delivery performance and quality: Longstanding customer Jan van Walraven B.V. has presented thyssenkrupp with its Supplier Award.

Schubleichter (c) thyssenkrupp.jpg

02.11.2017 | Werkstoffe/Materials

thyssenkrupp to supply materials for inland navigation

The state of North Rhine-Westphalia accounts for almost one-half of the goods shipped via inland waterways in Germany. Last year alone, around 127 million tons were hauled along the Ruhr, Rhine, and other rivers. It is particularly such commodities as ores and minerals that are transported by so-called push-barges into the Ruhr District.


19.10.2017 | Werkstoffe/Materials

Market leader in Hungary: thyssenkrupp Ferroglobus celebrates 20 years of group membership

For almost 100 years now, thyssenkrupp Ferroglobus, a company of the Business Area Materials Ser-vices, has ranked among the leaders in the Hungarian market. For 20 years, this company with a longstanding tradition has belonged to the thyssenkrupp Group and from the very start grown into one of the most successful materials traders in Eastern Europe.


05.10.2017 | Top | Dienstleistungen/Services

thyssenkrupp takes next step towards becoming a multi-material supplier

Metallcenter Wörth transferred to Service Center group effective October 1, 2017

By integrating the processing specialists for aluminum and nonferrous metals, thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe will be able to offer its customers even more choice in the future.


31.08.2017 | Werkstoffe/Materials

Printed reality: thyssenkrupp opens TechCenter Additive Manufacturing

With a view to industrializing the 3D printing process, thyssenkrupp’s newly opened TechCenter Additive Manufacturing in Mülheim an der Ruhr/Germany has now started mak-ing customized products from metals and plastics in a single digital process.


19.01.2017 | Werkstoffe/Materials

thyssenkrupp makes waymarkers shine

New pylons are being installed at the sites of Bayer subsidiary Covestro. All have one thing in common: They are fitted with high-quality LEDs supplied by thyssenkrupp Plastics.


23.12.2015 | Werkstoffe/Materials

From Duisburg via Turkey to the USA: thyssenkrupp supplying quality flat steel and logistics for Texas pipeline

Running over 440 km right across Texas, from Baden in the western part of the second biggest US state, past Dallas and Houston and on to Mont Belvieu on the Gulf of Mexico: a new liquid gas pipeline for which thyssenkrupp Mannex from the Business Area Materials Services and the steel experts from thyssenkrupp Steel Europe supplied a large share of the required materials. In all, 44,000 tons of hot wide strip in grade X70 steel is required for the construction of the pipeline. The steel is a micro-alloyed fine-grain grade with a yield strength of 485 MPa.


21.03.2017 | Top | Werkstoffe/Materials

thyssenkrupp enters into new long-term contract with Sonaca

thyssenkrupp Aerospace, a company of the Business Area Materials Services, and Sonaca have agreed to cooperate closely over the coming five years.


31.07.2017 | Top | Dienstleistungen/Services

Improving the environmental situation: thyssenkrupp puts new firing hoods into operation at the steel mill Duisburg-Beeckerwerth

thyssenkrupp MillServices & Systems, a company of the Materials Services business area, has further optimized the recycling processes at the oxygen steel mill 2 in Duisburg-Beeckerwerth.


30.10.2015 | Werkstoffe/Materials

Slit coil from thyssenkrupp

Vetchberry, the coil processing division of thyssenkrupp Materials (UK) Ltd, a subsidiary of the Business Area Materials Services, has reached an important landmark.

25.09.2015 | Top | Werkstoffe/Materials

Otto Wolff Kunststoffe to be renamed ThyssenKrupp Plastics

Effective October 1, 2015, the business unit Otto Wolff Kunststoffe is to be renamed ThyssenKrupp Plastics. Sales to the builders merchant sector currently handled by Otto Wolff Kunststoffe will continue in the future under the strong ThyssenKrupp Plastics brand. The rebranding will not involve any further changes.


19.01.2016 | Werkstoffe/Materials

thyssenkrupp further expanding production and logistics capacities at its Varel location

thyssenkrupp Aerospace, a company of the Materials Services business area, is further expanding production and logistics capacities at its Varel location. This year, the aviation experts of the thyssenkrupp Group are expected to move into an additional production and logistics building for the manufacture, storage and transshipment of aircraft components at the Aeropark. Garbe Logistic AG, investor and project developer, has already started work on the some 4,400 square meter logistics facility.


19.04.2016 | Werkstoffe/Materials

thyssenkrupp prolongs cooperation with STELIA Aerospace

thyssenkrupp Aerospace and STELIA Aerospace, an Airbus subsidiary, will continue their close cooperation over the years ahead. For the next six years, the aerospace experts of the thyssenkrupp Aerospace will handle the complete supply chain management for aluminium products for the locations in France and Tunisia, stretching from planning, materials processing to just-in-time deliveries. thyssenkrupp aerospace will also supply the subcontractors of STELIA Aerospace.


11.07.2017 | Top | Werkstoffe/Materials

Breakthrough in the digital transformation: thyssenkrupp connects machinery

A milestone for the digital transformation: thyssenkrupp connects the machinery of the materials division via a new digital platform.


23.02.2016 | Werkstoffe/Materials

Materials Services launches online shop “materials4me” for new customer groups in Spain – digital transformation in Europe continues

With the launch of “materials4me” in Spain, thyssenkrupp Materials Services is continuing the digital transformation of its materials distribution network. As announced at the end of 2015, the online shop for small users and end customers has now gone live on schedule as part of a European rollout. After the United Kingdom, Spain is the next European market where customers can order products in quantities as low as they require online.


28.04.2017 | Top | Werkstoffe/Materials

thyssenkrupp opens up ideas for careers on “Logistics Day”: vocational students explore thyssenkrupp logistics center

On Thursday, April 27 vocational students in Dortmund were given totally new insights into the world of logistics.


12.01.2017 | Werkstoffe/Materials

thyssenkrupp begins operating new warehouse in Poland

thyssenkrupp continues to expand its local presence in Eastern Europe. thyssenkrupp Energostal, a subsidiary of Business Area Materials Services, has now opened a new storage facility in Nowe Marzy with the aim of additionally growing its customer service. The new facility provides around 17,500 square meters of storage space where the materials experts can offer their entire range, including rolled steel, non-ferrous metals and stainless steel. Overall, some 13,000 tonnes of material for the processing industry will be stored in Nowe Marzy.


22.02.2017 | Top | Werkstoffe/Materials

New lightweight construction sheets available from thyssenkrupp Plastics

thyssenkrupp Plastics, a company in the Materials Services business area, has extended its range of plastic products. Since January the new lightweight sheet Foamlite® has been available throughout Germany.


25.11.2015 | Werkstoffe/Materials

thyssenkrupp supplies components for building LNG tanks

In recent years, there has been a continuous rise in the consumption of liquefied or liquid gas and along with it demand for modern ways and means of storing this precious commodity. One option is the use of liquid natural gas (LNG) tanks. thyssenkrupp has now developed a method by which manufacturers can more easily assemble these gigantic structures. "Together with thyssenkrupp Steel Europe, we've been looking for possibilities of offering potential partners a holistic solution," explains Julia Eschenbruch, Services team at thyssenkrupp Schulte.


15.10.2015 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp supplies gas line pipe

ThyssenKrupp Schulte from the Business Area Materials Services has delivered just under 10,000 t of specially plastic coated pipe (around 37,000 m, nominal width 800 mm) along with 57 pipe bends for the construction of a pipeline. The pipeline, shortly to be completed, connects the underground storage unit, Katharina, with the central natural gas line JAGAL located in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt. Erdgasspeicher Peissen GmbH (EPG), a joint venture between VNG Gasspeicher GmbH and GAZPROM Germania GmbH, is, as project and operator, responsible for setting up and operating the Katharina underground storage unit. After final acceptance in 2017, the storage unit will provide a capacity of nearly 600 million cubic meters of natural gas, equivalent to 6.52 billion kilowatt-hours.

31.08.2015 | Werkstoffe/Materials

TIMBERTECH® decking a real success

Since ThyssenKrupp Plastics, a company of the Materials Services business area, added TIMBERTECH® to its product portfolio, sales of the material have gone from strength to strength. Major orders started coming in as soon as the product went on sale.


05.05.2017 | Top | Werkstoffe/Materials

Pilot “real,-” store realized with support from thyssenkrupp

The German hypermarket chain “real,-” has been offering gastronomic-quality products at its Krefeld “Markthalle” store since the end of November 2016: fresh and handmade in front of customers. The store displays a consistent image – and thyssenkrupp Plastics has played a role in creating the impressive look.

30.11.2015 | Top | Werkstoffe/Materials

Shimmering color shifts with ALUCOBOND® - thyssenkrupp involved in facade modernization

With its modernized facade the tax office in Saarlouis has a shiny new look made possible by the new color line ALUCOBOND® Spectra. thyssenkrupp Plastics was one of the parties involved in the creation of the dazzling new appearance.


21.06.2017 | Top | Werkstoffe/Materials

thyssenkrupp enters into new long-term agreement with ITP

thyssenKrupp Aerospace and the Spanish global operator and foremost manufacturer of aircraft engines turbines, components and associated services for the aviation sector, ITP based in Zamudio, Spain, have agreed to extend and add to their existing strategic cooperation.


24.08.2015 | Top | Rohstoffe/Raw Materials

ThyssenKrupp concludes offtake agreement with Kibaran

ThyssenKrupp Metallurgical Products has concluded an offtake agreement for refractory graphite with the Australian company Kibaran Resources Limited. The raw materials trading experts from the Materials Services business area will purchase 20,000 tonnes of graphite per year for a period of ten years for the European, Russian and Korean markets.


19.06.2017 | Top | Dienstleistungen/Services

Boeing and thyssenkrupp continue their long-standing partnership

The aerospace experts of the thyssenkrupp Group will continue to handle Boeing's complete aluminium and titanium metals supply chain management.


30.06.2016 | Werkstoffe/Materials

thyssenkrupp’s Steel-Service-Center group strengthens its market presence in Europe

Growth through new locations in Hungary and Germany

Effective July 1, 2016 thyssenkrupp’s Steel-Service-Center group will be renamed thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe.


27.07.2016 | top

Steel service center in El Puig, Spain, now wholly owned by thyssenkrupp

In July 2016 thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe GmbH acquired its former investee company Thyssen Ros Casares S.A. in southeastern Spain.

28.07.2015 | Top | Werkstoffe/Materials

Cologne's TV tower resplendent in new LEDs from ThyssenKrupp

Cologne's Colonius is radiating new light across the rooftops of this metropolis on the Rhine. ThyssenKrupp Plastics, a member of the Business Area Materials Services, has delivered around 8,000 LED modules sourced from its supplier SloanLED. The LEDs mounted at a height of 180 meters, highlight the well-known Telekom logo made up of the letter "T" and four square dots.


29.02.2016 | Werkstoffe/Materials

thyssenkrupp to strengthen activities in Eastern Europe

thyssenkrupp Materials Services will strengthen its activities in Eastern Europe with the acquisition of the steel service center of IAI Holding A/S in the Hungarian city of Győr effective February 29, 2016.


10.03.2017 | Werkstoffe/Materials

Extended range of services: new facility at Duisburg-Beeckerwerth finishes slabs to individual customer specifications

thyssenkrupp has broadened its range of services for its Steel customers. To this end, thyssenkrupp Millservices & Systems and thyssenkrupp Steel Europe have again expanded their cooperation at Oxygen Steel Mill 2. The experts for steel mill-related services have commissioned a new facility for the mechanical slitting of slabs at Duisburg Beeckerwerth. On six "tables", the slabs can now be precisely cut to customer specifications. Another advantage of this speedier process is improved delivery performance.


14.12.2015 | Materials/Werkstoffe

Materials Services sets standards in digital materials distribution

Digital strategy transferred from the USA to Europe *** Portal and shop solutions for existing and new customer groups *** Portals in Germany and Belgium *** Shops in the UK, Spain and Germany *** “materials4me” as a second brand for new target groups in Europe *** A total of roughly 80,000 products available online *** SAP system for up to 10,000 users


29.04.2016 | Werkstoffe/Materials

“materials4me” online shop for end users launched in Germany: Materials Services drives digital transformation with portal/shop solutions for existing customers and end users

Following its rollout in the United Kingdom and Spain, the “materials4me” online shop is now also available in Germany. Starting from the end of April 2016, small users and end customers in the country can now order materials in standard dimensions and custom short lengths online. With the launch of the shop thyssenkrupp Materials Services is continuing its multichannel digital strategy as planned and stepping up its coverage of the European market.


23.02.2016 | Rohstoffe/Raw Materials

thyssenkrupp signs exclusive marketing agreement for graphite

thyssenkrupp Metallurgical Products has further expanded its distribution activities for graphite. The raw materials experts have signed an exclusive marketing agreement for graphite with the Canadian mining company Elcora Advanced Materials Corp. and its joint venture partner Sakura Graphite (PVT) Ltd., Sri Lanka.

22.07.2015 | top

Copper and Brass Sales CEO Frank Kevane to Retire; Succeeded by Edward Kurasz

Transition to Occur in Third Quarter

Frank Kevane, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Copper and Brass Sales, AIN Plastics and OnlineMetals.com divisions of ThyssenKrupp Materials NA, Inc. (TKMNA), has announced his retirement, effective Sept. 30. Joining the company is Edward Kurasz, who will become the new President and CEO, effective Oct. 1, 2015. Kurasz joins the company from Atkore International, Harvey, Ill., where he previously served as Vice President and General Manager.


20.07.2015 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp enters into new long-term agreement with ITP

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace UK, a company belonging to the ThyssenKrupp Business Area Materials Services and the Spanish aero engine components manufacturer ITP based in Zamudio have agreed on a strategic cooperation. For the next five years, the aerospace experts of the ThyssenKrupp Group will take over the supply of stainless steel and nickel products to ITP locations in India and Mexico. ITP is a global operator and foremost manufacturer of aircraft engine components for the civil aviation sector.

18.06.2015 | Dienstleistungen/Services

Proactive integration as practiced at ThyssenKrupp

The integration of the disabled is being proactively practiced at ThyssenKrupp MillServices & Systems, a company belonging to the Materials Services Business Area of ThyssenKrupp. The expert in steel mill services employs some 180 severely disabled persons, equivalent to just under ten percent of the workforce and well above the statutory requirement of five percent.


11.06.2015 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp and Premium AEROTEC extend cooperation

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace GmbH, Heusenstamm, and Premium AEROTEC GmbH, Augsburg, have further extended cooperation. Besides the tasks hitherto handled for the Varel location (preproduction, finish machining, tagging, inhouse logistics) the aerospace supply chain management experts of the Business Area Materials Services are gradually taking over for the next ten years, alongside logistics supplies, preproduction functions, i.e. sawing and milling of the aluminum panels, for the location of Premium AEROTEC in Augsburg. "The extension of the contract with AEROTEC is a great success for our service business with aerospace companies and shows that we are an important partner when it comes to longstanding cooperation within the industry," says Joachim Limberg,, CEO of Materials Services, a Business Area of the ThyssenKrupp Group.

29.05.2015 | Werkstoffe/Materials

One World Trade Center: ThyssenKrupp supplies elevators and stainless steel

ThyssenKrupp has installed the fastest elevators in North and South America at One World Trade Center in New York. The technology group also supplied stainless steel for the spire of the tower.


13.05.2015 | Rohstoffe/Raw Materials

ThyssenKrupp concludes exclusive supply agreement for rare earth elements

ThyssenKrupp Metallurgical Products GmbH, one of the world’s leading raw material distributors, has further expanded its sales activities for rare earth elements. The raw material experts from the Materials Services business area have concluded an exclusive supply agreement for rare earth oxide with Tantalus Rare Earths AG. Rare earth elements are used, for example, in batteries, magnets and LED screens.

04.05.2015 | Top | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Stahl-Service-Center acquires Herzog Coilex

Effective May 1, 2015 ThyssenKrupp Stahl-Service-Center GmbH has acquired the Stuttgart-based steel processing specialist Herzog Coilex and integrated it into its organization. There it will operate from now on under the name ThyssenKrupp Stahl Service-Center GmbH, “Coilex Stuttgart” branch. Hans-Peter Pfaff, previous managing director of Herzog Coilex GmbH, is the head of the new branch and will also join the management board of ThyssenKrupp Stahl-Service-Center GmbH.

17.04.2015 | Dienstleistungen/Services

Made-to-measure heavy plate construction: Coke bucket for Schwelgern coke plant in Duisburg replaced for the first time

replacement built by hand

When pots and pans wear out, you replace them. It’s no different at the Schwelgern coke plant in Duisburg, which produces coke as a fuel for steel production. “Our coke plant may be only eleven years old but one of the original coke buckets was completely worn out,” explains Michael Cremer, head of mechanical maintenance. “The buckets come under extreme strain every day so their life is naturally limited.” A new bucket was therefore needed, as big as a house, as heavy as 15 elephants (75 tons with attachments) and consisting entirely of steel. The decommissioned bucket is now being scrapped and recycled.

17.04.2015 | Special Materials

ThyssenKrupp to sell VDM group

ThyssenKrupp is selling the VDM group to the private equity company Lindsay Goldberg, represented in Europe by Lindsay Goldberg Vogel, Düsseldorf. The contract partners concluded a corresponding agreement today. The purchase price has not been disclosed. Completion of the sale is subject to the approval of the supervisory boards and the competent antitrust authorities.


14.04.2015 | Rohstoffe/Raw Materials

ThyssenKrupp Metallurgical Products signs offtake agreement for rare earth elements

ThyssenKrupp Metallurgical Products has signed an offtake agreement with the mining company Rainbow Rare Earths Limited. Under the ten-year agreement, the company from the Materials Services business area undertakes to market 5,000 tons of rare earth concentrate and downstream products such as neodymium oxide, praseodymium oxide and lanthanum oxide per year. Rare earth elements are used for example in batteries, magnets and LED screens. This offtake agreement makes the raw material trading experts the exclusive sales partner to Rainbow Rare Earths, which is engaged in the exploration and development of rare earth deposits in Burundi, East Africa.


08.04.2015 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp creates further synergies and reorganizes its materials services operations in Germany

ThyssenKrupp has reorganized its materials services operations in Germany: Effective April 8, 2015 the activities of ThyssenKrupp MetalServ GmbH, ThyssenKrupp Stahlkontor GmbH and ThyssenKrupp Schulte GmbH are being legally combined under the roof of the new ThyssenKrupp Schulte GmbH. With immediate effect all business activities of the previously separate companies will operate under the name ThyssenKrupp Schulte GmbH.


10.03.2015 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace commissioning its first location in India

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace has further expanded its global presence. The aerospace industry experts have now commissioned their first location in India. On a total area of around 3,300 m² the new Service Center in Bangalore will store for availability the entire range of materials used in the aviation industry: aluminum, titanium and steel in the shape of bars, plate and sheet as well as round rods. As one of the foremost global providers in the market for production and raw materials, processing services and the management of complex supply chains, ThyssenKrupp Aerospace supplies the required materials just in time, cut and machined precisely to customer specifications.


02.03.2015 | Dienstleistungen/Services

Cross-company cooperation in south Duisburg: ThyssenKrupp MillServices & Systems expanding finishing services for Hoesch Hohenlimburg on HKM site

ThyssenKrupp MillServices & Systems has expanded its portfolio of finishing services and concluded a five-year service contract with Hoesch Hohenlimburg. The company has now taken a new slab slitting and grinding line into production on the site of Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann (HKM) in south Duisburg. The new equipment allows the slabs, which are supplied to narrow strip specialist Hoesch Hohenlimburg, to be cut to size exactly as required and ground. This results in a further overall improvement to the quality of the strip steel products.

03.02.2015 | Werkstoffe/Materials

New flagship location for Swiss Life

ThyssenKrupp Plastics involved in the facade of the new headquarters

The new headquarters of the life insurance company Swiss Life Germany became the latest architectural highlight in Garching, Bavaria, at the end of 2014. More than 11,000 square meters of “anodized look” ALUCOBOND® cover the facade of the new building in the outskirts of the business hub to the north of Munich. In addition to supplying the material, ThyssenKrupp Plastics was also responsible for the tailored processing of the aluminum composite panels.


22.01.2015 | Top | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Materials NA, Inc. Expands Silao Facility to Become First Mexico-Based Aluminum and Carbon Steel Configured Blanking Facility

Expansion to be Complete and Operational by Summer of 2015

ThyssenKrupp Materials de Mexico S.A. de C.V., for its Lagermex brand, a unit of ThyssenKrupp Materials NA, Inc. (TKMNA) is expanding its current blanking operations in Silao, Guanajuato, Mexico with a $20 million USD investment that will add nearly 55,000 square feet (5,100 square meters) and a new, state-of-the- art aluminum and carbon steel blanking line. TKMNA expects to complete the expansion project and begin production in the fourth quarter of 2015


22.01.2015 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Mannex helping to build the Trans-Anatolian Pipeline

The Trans-Anatolian Pipeline (TANAP) is among the biggest natural gas pipeline projects of our time. Some 2,000 km in length it runs through Turkey and links the planned Trans-Adria Pipeline (TAP), the South Caucasus Pipeline, and the Shah Deniz gas field in Azerbaijan. Sharing in the construction of this impressive pipeline is ThyssenKrupp Mannex from the Materials Services Business Area.


15.12.2014 | Rohstoffe/Raw Materials

ThyssenKrupp Metallurgical Products concludes offtake agreement with NioCorp

ThyssenKrupp Metallurgical Products has expanded its product portfolio and concluded an offtake agreement for ferroniobium, a rare heavy metal, with NioCorp Developments Ltd. Under the ten-year agreement, ThyssenKrupp Metallurgical Products will purchase 3,750 tons of ferroniobium per year, which equates to approx. 50% of NioCorp’s total production. Niobium is mainly used in metallurgy in the manufacture of special steels and to improve weldability.


27.11.2014 | Rohstoffe/Raw Materials

Materials Services expands operations in South America

ThyssenKrupp Metallurgical Products opens first Group site in Bolivia

ThyssenKrupp Metallurgical Products, part of the Materials Services business area of the ThyssenKrupp Group, has expanded its operations in South America. On October 29, 2014 it opened the Group’s first site in Bolivia, extending its global network of sales offices.


31.10.2014 | Rohstoffe/Raw Materials

Rail instead of road

For the haulage of foundry coke, ThyssenKrupp Metallurgical Products is now using efficient Black BoxXes. The raw materials experts of the ThyssenKrupp Group have relocated the supply chain for this sensitive product from truck to train. This innovative logistics method means that weekly two trains will be traveling from Poland and one from the Czech Republic to Germany and Denmark. Each train carries 54 Black BoxXes each with 27 t of coke.


20.10.2014 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Stahl-Service-Center invests in new blanking line

ThyssenKrupp Stahl-Service-Center, a company of the Materials Services business area, has added to its processing capabilities. A new blanking line, in operation at the Mannheim steel service center since August, offers customers from a variety of sectors new possibilities for producing very small blanks. It can cut 0.4 to 3 millimeter thick slit strip into lengths from 200 to 2,500 millimeters and widths from 80 to 650 millimeters.


09.10.2014 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace launches service partnership with Airbus Helicopters

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace und Airbus Helicopters have agreed on a close cooperation over the coming years. The aerospace experts of the ThyssenKrupp Group will handle on behalf of the Airbus Group subsidiary the complete supply chain management of metallic raw materials. This includes procurement, logistics, quality assurance, and fine-tuning the management of blanks. These services will assure Airbus Helicopters efficient supplies throughout the world.


16.09.2014 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Ferrosta pooling its Prague business operations

ThyssenKrupp Ferrosta, spol. s r. o., a company of the Materials Services Business Area, has restructured its operations and relocated its 4 warehouses from Rynholec and Hradec Králové to the capital city - Prague. The new materials processing and storage shop, in which materials can be cut and customized precisely to specifications, covers an area of 13,500 m². Besides the logistics center, adjusted to the latest logistics layout trends , the headquarters has been also moved within Prague to this new and centrally located site.


17.07.2014 | Special Materials

ThyssenKrupp Materials Services and Acciai Speciali Terni management discuss industrial plan for AST Group with Italian authorities and Trade Unions

Comprehensive action plan geared to sustainable profitability based on major structural improvements in sales, production and performance


24.06.2014 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Plastics extends its range of wood-plastic composites

TimberTech® decking now available


05.06.2014 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Stahl-Service-Center and ThyssenKrupp Stahlkontor presenting their new service facilities in Krefeld

A new dimension in steel processing


20.05.2014 | Werkstoffe/Materials

Test rig for world’s biggest experimental fusion reactor

Service and tailored special steel from ThyssenKrupp Schulte


29.04.2014 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Cadillac Plastic opens new central warehouse in Brittany

ThyssenKrupp Cadillac Plastic has opened a new central warehouse in Rennes, north-western France. It joins sites in Paris and Lyon as the third regional warehouse of ThyssenKrupp Cadillac Plastic S.A.S.


23.04.2014 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace North America stepping up cooperation with the Triumph Group

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace North America has again stepped up its cooperation with the Triumph Group, Inc. The Triumph Group, Inc., headquartered in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, is a global leader in manufacturing and overhauling aerospace structures, systems and components. A new contract extending over several years will mean that Thyssen Krupp´s aerospace specialist, ThyssenKrupp Aerospace North America, is taking over the supply chain services as well as materials processing and delivery of aluminum plates for altogether eight Triumph locations in North America. Handling just in time deliveries will be the Hutchinson location in Kansas.


19.03.2014 | Werkstoffe/Materials

Materials Services bolstering its materials trading business in North America

ThyssenKrupp Materials NA inaugurates new Service Center


11.03.2014 | Dienstleistungen/Services

Materials Services stops disposal process for Railway/Construction activities

The Materials Services business area management board has decided to stop the disposal process for the Railway/Construction operating unit initiated in May 2013. Railway/Construction comprises the companies ThyssenKrupp GfT Gleistechnik (railway equipment) and ThyssenKrupp Bautechnik (construction equipment).


06.02.2014 | Werkstoffe/Materials

Supersize slanting mirror facade

ThyssenKrupp Plastics supplies ALUCOBOND® for new research and experience center


03.02.2014 | Werkstoffe/Materials

Materials Services strengthens market position in Eastern Europe

ThyssenKrupp Ferroglobus opens new production shop


24.01.2014 | Werkstoffe/Materials

Clear view - New generation of PLEXIGLAS® Resist multiwall sheets available from ThyssenKrupp Plastics

New PLEXIGLAS® multiwall sheets with double rib spacing of 64 millimeters offer a clear view as far as the eye can see. They will be available from ThyssenKrupp Plastics from February 2014.


21.01.2014 | Rohstoffe/Raw Materials

ThyssenKrupp Metallurgical Products, New York Announce Departure of Derek Benham

ThyssenKrupp Metallurgical Products, New York (TKMetPro NY), today announced the departure of Derek Benham effective January 13, 2014. Benham is founder of BenMet, the predecessor to ThyssenKrupp Metallurgical Products, New York.


20.01.2014 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace acquires aerospace operations of Alimex Metallhandelsgesellschaft

Effective January 01, 2014, ThyssenKrupp Aerospace has acquired the aerospace operations of Willich/Germany-based Alimex Metallhandelsgesellschaft mbH.


07.01.2014 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Materials France testing hybrid truck

ThyssenKrupp Materials International attaches great importance to environmental protection and sustainability. To minimize oil consumption in the future ThyssenKrupp Materials France is currently testing the use of new hybrid trucks in Paris in a collaboration with Renault Trucks and haulage group Norbert Dentressangle.


01.08.2013 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace acquires the business activities of The Waterjet Group in the UK

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace, via its UK subsidiary, has acquired the business activities of The Waterjet Group, based in Darton, South Yorkshire/UK. The closing took place on July 31, 2013. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.


02.07.2013 | Rohstoffe/Raw Materials

ThyssenKrupp Metallurgical Products acquires the metal commodity trading business of BenMet NY

Expansion of activities in North and South America, widening of product portfolio


28.06.2013 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Services forging ahead in its internationalization efforts


Materials and industrial services operations acquired in Canada and Britain


28.06.2013 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace North America announces new contract with Cessna

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace North America is pleased to announce that it has entered into a three-year contract extension with Cessna Aircraft Company to remain its service provider for aluminum sheet products and related supply chain services. The company will service Cessna’s facilities in Wichita, Kansas, as well as Cessna’s key subcontractors throughout the North American region. The just-in-time deliveries and value-added services will be supported from its existing facility in Hutchinson, Kansas.


19.06.2013 | Werkstoffe/Materials

Bombardier Renews Provider Agreement with ThyssenKrupp Aerospace

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace Expands Role as Service Provider in Bombardier Supply Chain


12.06.2013 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace opens first site on African continent

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace continues to expand its business. In Tunisia, the German technology group ThyssenKrupp’s aerospace materials and services provider recently opened its first facility on the African continent.


11.06.2013 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace launches new facility near Marseille

Aerospace materials and logistics provider ThyssenKrupp Aerospace has moved to a new building at Vitrolles near Marseille, mainly dedicated to supporting a major customer in the area. During the official inauguration event on June 11nd, ThyssenKrupp Aerospace President Jürgen Funke pointed out: “This was a logical step for us. In order to best fulfil our contract and generate added value for our customer we decided to set up this new location.”


22.04.2013 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace announces new facility for Bangalore, India

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace will invest into a new aerospace dedicated facility in Bangalore, India.


11.05.2012 | Werkstoffe/Materials

Dibond art in 3D

ThyssenKrupp Plastics supplies material for GRAFT architects’ mirror installation


15.03.2012 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Mannex to market innovative offshore foundation

ThyssenKrupp Mannex GmbH has entered into an agreement with Maritime Offshore Group, a company specializing in offshore engineering, foundations and cable laying, on the exclusive marketing of the innovative offshore foundation “Hexabase”.


12.03.2012 | Dienstleistungen/Services

Dead Sea: 55,000 tons of material for world’s biggest diaphragm wall

ThyssenKrupp GfT Bautechnik receives major contract from Israel


19.12.2011 | Dienstleistungen/Services

A world first in advancing shoring applications

ThyssenKrupp Bauservice uses advancing shoring for bridge demolition


06.10.2011 | Werkstoffe/Materials

Successful environmental certification

TÜV conducts audit at ThyssenKrupp Stahl-Service-Center


06.05.2011 | Werkstoffe/Materials

Juergen Funke succeeds Stuart Wilkins as President of ThyssenKrupp Aerospace

With effect from June 1, 2011, Juergen Funke will be taking over as President of ThyssenKrupp Aerospace from Stuart Wilkins. Jeff Luckasavage will replace Juergen Funke as President of ThyssenKrupp Aerospace North America.


03.03.2011 | Rohstoffe/Raw Materials

Kazakhstan’s first silicon metal plant starts production

ThyssenKrupp plays key role in construction and marketing


24.01.2011 | Werkstoffe/Materials

New home for “Little Explorers”

ThyssenKrupp Plastics contributes to unconventional kindergarten facade in Greifswald


26.11.2010 | Dienstleistungen/Services

Construction of new Massetal bridge

Bridge arch constructed on almost 70 meter tall falsework


01.06.2010 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Stahl-Service-Center relocates to Krefeld

270 people work at state-of-the-art service center


20.05.2010 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp strengthens materials services in Central and Eastern Europe

Flame cutting specialist Techno-Stahl in Austria acquired


18.05.2010 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Schulte opens new flame cutting center in Bielefeld

Annual capacity of 22,000 tons


03.03.2010 | Rohstoffe/Raw Materials

ThyssenKrupp MinEnergy signs 10-year agreement with Polish coke plant

70,000 tons of foundry coke per year from Waldenburg to Duisburg


10.02.2010 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Mannex assisting Egypt in expanding its inland waterways

Cairo awards major contract for 15,000 tonnes of steel for new freighters


03.02.2010 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace: 10-year contract with EADS subsidiary Premium AEROTEC

Logistics and materials processing center under construction, operation of supplier park in northern Germany


02.12.2009 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp MetalServ established

Customized materials ranging around stainless steels, nonferrous metals, pipes and tubes


06.10.2009 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Plastics takes off

Europe-wide plastics services provider formed


01.10.2009 | Materials Services

ThyssenKrupp implements new Group structure

Starting October, 01, 2009:


02.07.2009 | Dienstleistungen/Services

Emunds Staudinger broad in the beam in Aachen

Alemania Aachen FC’s new Tivoli Stadium, Krefelder Strasse - an innovative trench shoring solution for widths of up to 20 m


17.04.2009 | Dienstleistungen/Services

Adaptable system for bridge construction

Construction of a new steel arch bridge: Falsework aids assembly, concrete pouring and lowering


02.04.2009 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Services strengthens position in C&E Europe

Industrial services company set up in Russia


25.03.2009 | Materials Services

Exploratory Talks: Mongolian Prime Minister visits ThyssenKrupp in Berlin

Co-operation in raw materials and energy supply as well as infrastructure


05.03.2009 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Mannex appointed by Welspun as distributor in Europe

Sales agreement for Large-Diameter Pipes, Welded Line Pipes and Bends


26.02.2009 | Dienstleistungen/Services

Gantry cranes for Salzgitter

Major contract to build and supply


27.01.2009 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Services launches materials services business in Serbia

Ultramodern materials processing and logistics center opened near Belgrade on an area of over 17,000 square meters


24.10.2008 | Dienstleistungen/Services

14 tunnel formwork carriages get new airport on track

Berlin Brandenburg International Airport BBI


25.09.2008 | Dienstleistungen/Services

ThyssenKrupp MillServices & Systems established

Full-service for the steel industry


26.08.2008 | Materials Services

ThyssenKrupp Group to accelerate strategic growth and further portfolio optimization

Services segment focuses expansion strategy Accelerated expansion of raw and industrial material business - disposal planned for Industrial Services


14.07.2008 | Werkstoffe/Materials

The Boeing Company again opting for ThyssenKrupp

10-year service contract


14.07.2008 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace is launched at Farnborough

The world''s first global materials service provider


11.02.2008 | Dienstleistungen/Services

Quiet, anti-skid and resistant to rutting

LiDonit® proves successful as the pavement on the A40 freeway


24.01.2008 | Dienstleistungen/Services

Flyover' at the airport

Cost-effective custom solution for temporary bridge at Berlin''s Tegel Airport


15.01.2008 | Dienstleistungen/Services

ThyssenKrupp GfT Bautechnik in Australia

Takeover of sheet pile specialist Steelcom


19.11.2007 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Services purchases Apollo Metals Group

ThyssenKrupp Services and Apollo to create world’s first truly global aerospace service provider


14.09.2007 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Schulte invests €3 million in Mannheim

New warehouse, logistics and processing center; extended range of plant and equipment


30.08.2007 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Services strengthens its Benelux plastics business

Stokvis Plastics B.V., Netherlands and Belgium, acquired


28.08.2007 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Services strengthens market position in C&E Europe

Production-materials service provider Ferostav spol. s.r.o. acquired in Slovakia


24.08.2007 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Services expands materials services in Russia

18 million euros for two new warehouse, logistics and processing centers


17.08.2007 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Materials NA acquires OnlineMetals.com

Web-based distribution of metals and plastics


27.03.2007 | Dienstleistungen/Services

Ecology and common sense

DSU and FEhS report on iron- and steel-making slag


22.03.2007 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Services expanding further in Asia

Materials service business launched in Vietnam


21.03.2007 | Werkstoffe/Materials

Ceremonial start of building work at ThyssenKrupp Metallcenter

Major investment in ultramodern aluminum service center


07.02.2007 | Werkstoffe/Materials

Innovative Connecting System chyll®

Product of the Year 2007


06.02.2007 | Rohstoffe/Raw Materials

Megacontract for new silicon-metal plant in Kazakhstan

Plant supply and worldwide marketing rights


04.12.2006 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Services purchases Alcoas' Aerospace Service Business

Materials Services for the North American and European aerospace industries


17.11.2006 | Werkstoffe/Materials

Capacity expansion in Thailand

New warehouse and service center inaugurated


03.11.2006 | Dienstleistungen/Services

High-tech laser resists heat and fire

ThyssenKrupp Anlagenservice for the first time uses laser measurement in a slab-pusher furnace


02.11.2006 | Werkstoffe/Materials

Investment in Brazil to develop new markets

More extensive services for aircraft, auto and chemical industries


31.10.2006 | Rohstoffe/Raw Materials

ThyssenKrupp MinEnergy acquires AT.PRO tec

Pan-European patented technique for optimizing metallurgical production processes


23.06.2006 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Services continuing its growth drive

Eastern Europe’s biggest Warehousing & Service Center opened


30.05.2006 | Rohstoffe/Raw Materials

ThyssenKrupp Services adds finishing touch to portfolio optimization program

Hommel Group sold to Wollschläger Group


03.04.2006 | Werkstoffe/Materials

AcrylArte in all colors

High-quality cast acrylic from ThyssenKrupp Schulte now available in small quantities and in all required corporate colors


08.03.2006 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Services steaming ahead with its materials services in Asia

New company launched in Shanghai, investments in Thailand and South Korea.


15.02.2006 | Dienstleistungen/Services

ThyssenKrupp Services expanding in Brazil

Düsseldorf-based ThyssenKrupp Services AG is branching out further into Brazil where, through its ThyssenKrupp Serviços do Brasil Ltda. subsidiary in São Paulo, it has acquired a 51-percent stake in the industrial services business of RIP Serviços Industriais S.A. and RIP Comércio S.A., Indaiatuba, as of January 31, 2006.


03.02.2006 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Services forging ahead in its internationalization efforts

Materials and industrial services operations acquired in Canada and Britain


20.12.2005 | Werkstoffe/Materials

Services offensive: ThyssenKrupp Services expanding in Canada and the USA

Hearn Group's industrial services, warehousing and logistics activities acquired


27.10.2005 | Rohstoffe/Raw Materials

ThyssenKrupp MinEnergy has acquired an interest in the Chinese coking plant BCCW

Long-term access to important source of raw materials in Tangshan


18.10.2005 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Services acquires a majority interest in Jupiter Stomana in Bulgaria

Warehouse and service business for materials in Sofia, further expansion in Eastern Europe


17.10.2005 | Werkstoffe/Materials

Materials specialist ThyssenKrupp Schulte with new office in Würzburg

System solutions and services - expansion to twelve employees


07.09.2005 | Werkstoffe/Materials

Start-up in Ukraine - ThyssenKrupp Services invests further in Eastern European growth

ThyssenKrupp Services set up its own materials warehousing business in Ukraine with the establishment of ThyssenKrupp Materials Ukraine TOV, which has started operations in Kiev, possibly in cooperation with a Ukrainian partner.


11.07.2005 | Dienstleistungen/Services

Stop and go

Bayernoil refinery in Neustadt an der Donau: Masterly logistical achievement with high standards of safety


24.05.2005 | Dienstleistungen/Services

Codename: MOSE

ThyssenKrupp GfT Bautechnik involved in major flood protection project in Venice


19.04.2005 | Werkstoffe/Materials

Copper and Brass Sales acquires Metalfast Services

Copper and Brass Sales, a ThyssenKrupp Materials NA, Inc. company, announced today that it has completed the purchase of the assets of Metalfast Services LLC, located in Las Vegas, Nevada. They will operate as Copper and Brass Sales, Metalfast Division, with Metalfast owner Michael D. Sisco continuing to oversee all sales and customer activity while reporting into the office of Vern A. Ginunas, Senior Vice President Western Region.


18.03.2005 | Dienstleistungen/Services

Innovative mobile weather-protection roof

Upside down: Saving time and money by placing protective roof under roof being repaired


17.03.2005 | Werkstoffe/Materials

Copper and Brass Sales acquires Slitco Metal Processing and Sales

Southfield, MI - Copper and Brass Sales, a ThyssenKrupp Materials NA, Inc. company, announced today that it has completed the purchase of Slitco Metal Processing and Sales, located in the greater Chicago area.


17.02.2005 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Services Extends Its Aircraft-Industry Services

Company Acquired In Brazil


26.01.2005 | Dienstleistungen/Services

Driven up the wall: The remote-controlled “magnetic crawler”

Novel approach to corrosion protection: Ultra-high-pressure water jetting by joystick


18.01.2005 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Mannex – a new name in the international trading business

ThyssenKrupp Services, the service segment of the ThyssenKrupp Group, has re-structured its worldwide export activities for steel, pipes and tubes as well as technical products.


11.12.2004 | Dienstleistungen/Services

Unhindered traffic flow despite bridge refurbishment

Special mobile scaffold keeps traffic moving smoothly through the “Gateway to Wesphalia” on the A2 freeway


18.10.2004 | Dienstleistungen/Services

Gigantic investment in South-China

Corrosion protection for 11 petrochemical plants under construction


03.09.2004 | Dienstleistungen/Services

Duisburg slag becomes art in L.A.

In mid-August, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles approached DSU with an unusual request.


26.08.2004 | Werkstoffe/Materials

Central materials warehouse in Poland – ThyssenKrupp Services continues growth in Eastern Europe

ThyssenKrupp Energostal S.A, Torún, a materials trading subsidiary of Düsseldorf-based ThyssenKrupp Services AG, is stepping up its activities in Poland and is currently building a central warehouse for steel, tubes and nonferrous metals in Pozna at a total cost of six million euros. Operations will be phased in gradually up to the end of 2005, at which time an additional 18,000 square meters of warehouse space will be available.


24.08.2004 | Dienstleistungen/Services

Minister Schartau lauds initiative shown by DSU

As part of his apprenticeship training tour 2004, North-Rhine Westphalian Minister of Economics & Labor Harald Schartau visited DSU Gesellschaft für Dienstleistungen und Umwelttechnik mbH & Co. KG on Tuesday, 24th August.


11.05.2004 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Services Launches Joint Venture for Materials in Russia

Warehousing and service business starts in Moscow and St. Petersburg on June 1, 2004


11.02.2004 | Werkstoffe/Materials

TMX Aerospace delivers for Rolls-Royce at Indianapolis

TMX Aerospace, a ThyssenKrupp Materials NA company, announces the signing of a five-year contract with Rolls-Royce Corporation to supply logistics services to the engine maker.


01.10.2003 | Materials Services

ThyssenKrupp Services is launched

ThyssenKrupp Services AG is launched as of October 1. The new company leading the group’s services segment has been created out of the ThyssenKrupp Materials AG and the ThyssenKrupp Serv AG.


21.08.2003 | Dienstleistungen/Services

Spectacular manoeuvres at Moresnet viaduct

Every eighth weekend, life in Moresnet in Belgium comes to a standstill. In 56-day cycles, the total of 22 steel segments of the Geul valley (Geultal) railway viaduct, Europe''s longest steel railway bridge, are being replaced two at a time.


04.07.2003 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Materials strengthens presence in Czech Republic

ThyssenKrupp Materials AG, Düsseldorf, has acquired an 80 percent stake in the carbon and stainless steel distributor Ferrosta spol. s.r.o., Prague.


19.05.2003 | Materials Services

ThyssenKrupp AG Supervisory Board Meeting

At its meeting on May 19, 2003 the Supervisory Board of ThyssenKrupp AG passed the following resolutions:


19.05.2003 | Materials Services

ThyssenKrupp AG Supervisory Board Meeting

At its meeting on May 19, 2003 the Supervisory Board of ThyssenKrupp AG passed the following resolutions:


29.04.2003 | Dienstleistungen/Services

Westerschelde tunnel and the Copenhagen metro: sealed with thermoplastic sheeting

Every site a fresh adventure


18.03.2003 | Dienstleistungen/Services

ThyssenKrupp GfT takes over world wide sales of MENCK Hydraulic Free Fall Hammers

In the course of concentration and expansion of service intensive sales activities, ThyssenKrupp GfT, Essen, takes over – with immediate effect - the sales of Hydraulic Free Fall Hammers of Messrs. Menck GmbH, Ellerau.


12.03.2003 | Materials Services

Jugend forscht 2003 competition for young scientists

We all have dreams we would like to come true.


12.03.2003 | Materials Services

Jugend forscht 2003 competition for young scientists

We all have dreams we would like to come true.


07.11.2002 | Dienstleistungen/Services

DSU launches new mineral material for asphalt road surfaces

Service and environmental technology specialist DSU has launched LiDonit®, to date the only recycled LD steel mill slag in Germany which can also be used in asphalt road surfaces.


12.07.2002 | Materials Services

Supervisory Board resolves changes on the Executive Board of ThyssenKrupp AG

In its meeting this morning, the Supervisory Board of ThyssenKrupp terminated the appointment of Dr. Hans-Erich Forster (61) at his own request as per September 30, 2002. He will be succeeded by Mr. Edwin Eichler (44), who has been appointed member of the Executive Board of ThyssenKrupp AG (38 bn euros sales and 193,000 employees) for a period of five years effective October 1, 2002.


12.09.2001 | Materials Services

ThyssenKrupp Serv mourns with the american people

We were stunned and horrified as reports came in of the abominable attacks against the United States and thus against the entire free world.


12.09.2001 | Materials Services

ThyssenKrupp Materials mourns with the american people

We were stunned and horrified as reports came in of the abominable attacks against the United States and thus against the entire free world.


26.07.2001 | Dienstleistungen/Services

DSU to handle slag processing at Hennigsdorfer Elektrostahlwerke

Subject to the granting of an operating license, environmental services company DSU Gesellschaft für Dienstleistungen und Umwelttechnik mbH & Co. KG, Duisburg, is to carry out slag processing at Hennigsdorfer Elektrostahlwerke GmbH, Brandenburg, under a twelve-year agreement.


13.07.2001 | Rohstoffe/Raw Materials

First privatization project in Macedonia in collaboration with ThyssenKrupp - ThyssenKrupp Metallurgie accepts raw materials to the value of 40 million US dollars yearly

The ThyssenKrupp Metallurgie GmbH, Essen, a company of ThyssenKrupp Materials AG, was instrumental in arranging the takeover of the Macedonian ferro-nickel metallurgy company Feni Industries through the French materials distributor Société Commerciale de Métaux et Minerais SA., (SCMM-René Aumas), Paris.


21.03.2001 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Materials to acquire Energostal S. A. in Poland

Düsseldorf/Warsaw: ThyssenKrupp Werkstoffe GmbH, a company of ThyssenKrupp Materials AG (TKM), Düsseldorf, Germany, and the shareholders of Energostal S. A., Torun, Poland, have agreed to sign a joint venture agreement.


09.10.2000 | Dienstleistungen/Services

New DSU subsidiary to handle slag reduction in Sidex

DSU-Romania is the name of the new subsidiary of DSU, Gesellschaft für Dienstleistungen und Umwelttechnik mbH & Co. KG, Duisburg.


14.09.2000 | Dienstleistungen/Services

What makes high-quality service? - Center for Integrated Service Benchmarking presents initial findings -

Services are rapidly becoming both the engine and the hope of the German economy. The sector enjoys higher-than-average growth, and both present and planned revenues give providers grounds for optimism, on the condition that they provide top quality services.


05.09.2000 | Werkstoffe/Materials

From steel trader to materials billionaire - street in Dortmund named for local businessman

The success of Heinrich August Schulte is proof that bold company startups are not a 21st century invention and outstanding business careers are not only found in America.


15.08.2000 | Materials Services

ThyssenKrupp Materials & Services will not bid for Klöckner & Co.

ThyssenKrupp Materials & Services AG, Düsseldorf, has decided not to make a binding bid for the trading company Klöckner & Co., Duisburg. The decision was taken after completion of a due diligence study of the E.on subsidiary by ThyssenKrupp.


08.08.2000 | Werkstoffe/Materials

ThyssenKrupp Werkstoffe and Röhm establish joint venture for Europe-wide trade in semi-finished plastic products

Düsseldorf/Darmstadt. Thyssen Krupp Werkstoffe GmbH (TKW), Düsseldorf, a subsidiary of Thyssen Krupp Materials & Services AG, Düsseldorf, and Röhm GmbH, Darmstadt, a subsidiary of Degussa-Hüls AG, Frankfurt, have agreed to contribute their subsidiaries and investee companies trading in semi-finished plastic products to a joint venture to form a European trading organization.


03.07.2000 | Werkstoffe/Materials

Thyssen Schulte pioneers e-commerce activities - Full range of materials at the click of a mouse

Leading German materials distributor Thyssen Schulte GmbH, Düsseldorf, has introduced the world´s first e-commerce platform of its kind for materials trading.